Sunday 22 September 2013

Kentucky first.....Wilson's to follow....!

Our highlight today, this 1st year male Kentucky Warbler
Two  more Prothonatory Warblers today and our daily Northern Waterthrushes too.
This red rump brightened the forest net.......

An adult male Passerini's Tanager.....only 1 caught here in each of the last two years. Another eight Hummingbirds caught today, and nice to see a Green-breasted Mango in the field.

No ringing table at the aeropuerto site....
and Wendy loving working in the 30+c and 90% humidity.

Tomorrow a return to the STC (Sea Turtle Conservatory) site, our base where, on the first day, catching two Yellow-green Vireos in a mixed warbler/vireo flock was amazing !

We will catch up with our own Wilson's Warblers soon. The 2nd for UK and Ireland in Cork currently. A common wintering bird at our highland banding sites. - where we head on 30th Sept.

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