Saturday 28 September 2013

White-whiskered Puffbird..A "Bobo bird" !

I put my hand into the bag and very loose feathers was all  I could feel. Having no experience of a Puffbird in the hand, and few have....this is what one looks like
This imm.or ageing and sex to be decided was extracted by Yohay from Eilat, a member of our banding team. All very loose feathers, a strange physical structure, and motionless.....all part of their apparent lethargic character - (Bobo meaning stupid)

Yohay with me at our Cano Palma banding station.

No moult lilerature on this species..but on this bird the wings in symetrical moult, with flight feathers being replaced at 3 points.
A panoramic 180 degree photo taken by Wendy of the forest here surrounding the 1m wide boardwalk, and finally another first of  the autumn migration today a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.
Back to the coast tomorrow - an early boat to our Aeropuerto site.

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