Monday 30 September 2013

North American thrushes lead the way

Just before dawn this morning as we were preparing to open nets, Ivan the boatman appeared with a hand caught bird. In the kitchen he had found a Grey-cheeked Thrush - the first of the season !
How the day unfolded, below one of the 35 Swainson's Thrushes banded today !
 Only to be out banded by the 40 Veerys ...
Veerys and particlularly Swainson's Thrushes are caught in numbers every year here in Tortuguero.
Our 16 Red-eyed Vireos today, was a good total for a whole season..
Five species of flycatcher, including another Great Crested, our first Social, 4 Arcadians and 6 Yellow-bellied the more interesting..
Of the three Summer Tanagers...three different plumages....
This moulting hatch year male more interesting than the corresponding female..
..but this adult male was bright !
127 birds today of 18 species...our first Autumn fall and best day so far.
Tomorrow to the National Parque site, where last winter, thrushes, Catbirds and Kentucky warblers were found amongst the resident primary forest species.
(photos - Wendy)

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