Wednesday 25 September 2013

Vis-mig today, early Kingbirds to evening Nighthawks...

These beauties to start........!
A Urania day flying Swallowtail moth. This was on the kitchen wall last suppertime. Passage of this moth throughout the day but peaked at c4000 per hour passing our our accomodation at 17:00.

Banding this morning in the primary forest behind Tortuga Lodge.....

Early highlights a couple of passing flocks of Eastern Kingbirds... each flock 50+ birds. No migrants banded today, mainly White-collared Manikins and a nice American Pygmy Kingfisher.

A great way to end visible migration today....with 6 flocks each of c60-80 birds....all Nighthawks slowly spiralling upwards as they move south.

Migration counts feature as part of our scheduled day, with 10 minute counts of all vis-mig carried out every 2 hours whilst banding a minimum.
Yesterday a late afternoon count from the beach picked up a lovely adult Brown Booby..!!

The main man...(or beast) of our garden Iguana family kept putting in an appearance whilst watching this evenings migration.

We are off to Aeropuerto at 5am tomorrow...shrub and low coastal forest next to the beach.....hoping for migrants.

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