Thursday 7 August 2014

CES 10 today as Bertha cancelled our ringing course...

With a ringing course planned for this weekend, we have been watching the weather forecasts obsessively for the last week. It became increasingly concerning that the weather could be dire and a lot of the weekend spent looking at the rain.
Sadly we had to make the decision with Kelvin, BTO Wales, to cancel it.
We had been saving our CES 10 for the course participants but without the course we went ahead and did it today. It was hot and sunny so the birds slowed down as the temperature rose but we ended the morning having ringed 50 new birds and 16 retraps.
Reed Warblers made up the bulk of the catch again. Nice to ring a juvenile Whitethroat, only the second this year.
A Woodpigeon was the first we  have caught in a CES session. A chance for Ryan, our new trainee, to ring his first non-passerine and learn a bit about Woodpigeon moult, a species that has 11 primaries. The contrast between the old and new primaries can be seen here.
Totals for the day....

Reed Warbler 167
Blackbird 30
Blackcap 70
Dunnock 10
Bullfinch 20
Chaffinch 10
Chiffchaff 61
Garden Warbler 10
Great Tit 02
Long-tailed Tit 11
Robin 22
Songthrush 21
Whitethroat 10
Willow Warbler 01
Woodpigeon 10
Wren 61

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