Monday 25 August 2014

When yellow becomes gold....on theTeifi

Our first Yellow Wagtail, caught coming to the reed-bed roost with Pied Wagtails. We have seen and heard them here before, but this was a nice surprise ! I had just set up a poolside two-shelf net and the first party of wagtails arrived...

A juvenile male flavissima, with all GC juvenile but all the smaller coverts replaced or in the process of replacement.
The Yellow Wagtail was caught on Wednesday (20th) .....and is a very scarce bird to be ringed in west Wales, with just one ringed last year in Dyfed (Pembs/Cered/Carms)

Wendy and I are off to Falsterbo on Thursday, representing Skokholm Bird Obs, interesting to note in their log for yesterday...2410 Yellow Wagtails through....!

Yesterday for us, a visit to the Mallard and Pentood nets joined by our new trainee, Ryan and Alastair Wilson. He has been ringing with us between working with seabirds on Skomer, and off soon on his second spell in the south Atlantic - with seabirds of course !
Dawn, Wendy, and Alastair ringing here at the last CES.

One of  only six new Blackcaps ringed yesterday, most are more advanced in their moult than this bird.
Totals of new warblers ringed,  Sedge 20, Reed 12, Willow 4, Chiffchaff 3, Cetti's 1, Common Whitethroat 1. Out of a total of 109 birds caught.
On Wednesday we plan to do our final CES, which contains more scrub than the Mallard Run nets, following today's weather perhaps a goodie to finish the CES season..?

A Wryneck was caught during CES 12 in 2012...after I had gone to work!!

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