Wednesday 27 August 2014

Last CES for 2014 takes us to 849

Another CES season has come to an end with a blustery session this morning on the Teifi Marsh. The wind picked up and probably reduced the catch. 41 new birds and 17 retraps with no particular species standing out. This year over the 12 CES sessions we have ringed 561 birds and recorded 288 retraps.
So far this year we have only ringed 1 juvenile Lesser Whitethroat so two this morning as well as two Common Whitethroat was good.
The Lesser Whitethroat is the lower bird in both pictures.
With only 4 Marsh Tits ringed on the reserve in 4 years this was interesting too
Another juvenile Kingfisher takes us to seven this year. Regular photographers on the reserve have also commented that it seems to be a good year for them.
A Kingfisher is guaranteed to grab everyone's attention!
With two visitors, a helper, 2 trainees, 2 C permits and 3 A's for some of the session we had more ringers than birds for the quiet rounds but it was an enjoyable, sociable morning as well as maintaining our success of never missing a CES session in 5 years.
Thanks to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales for permission to continue this valuable fieldwork for the BTO on the Teifi Marshes Reserve.

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