Sunday 17 August 2014

Dunlin, Swallows, Sedgies...

A 930pm view of the beach ....not the darkest of nights to lamp for waders. Two visits and 5 Dunlin of the few birds present ringed, we are off to a start for the season..

Our first Dunlin, though our Ringed Plovers are of much more value to ring with far fewer caught as they are difficult to cannon net.
One attempt with the 60' foot Aquatic net did produce twenty Swallows, a couple of acros and our first wagtails of the season. Yesterday we managed a typical early session in the Mallard Run nets. We were not surprised that we didn't catch an Aquatic,  42 new Sedge Warblers was a good total though.
A new Kingfisher and more new and retrap Reed Buntings for our RAS adding to the success of the session too.

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