Monday, 18 June 2012

CES - warbler progress

No high numbers from this week-ends CES -5, reflecting the poor breeding weather for our passerines.
Some interesting notes on our warblers from the session though...

Garden Warblers - 4 females trapped (2 new) all with brood patches, and all from the same net, roughly 1 hour apart ! No males or juveniles trapped.
Willow Warblers -The Teifi isn't a good site for WW, much better for Chiffs, but WW are still singing well this season, the 1st juv WW of the year and  6 new adults this session -- a major increase in our breeding population.
Reed Warblers 7 retraps and 2 new adults  about what we would expect in one session.
The first juvenile Blackcap of the year, and an adult Sedge Warbler out the reed-bed- an unusual event, though we do ring c500 per year, downstream on the reserve.

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