Saturday, 20 October 2012

Teifi to Gower....Redpoll to 221 Oystercatchers

Last night's reward, only one Lesser...but our first in autumn...a nice adult male.

Today to Gower -
The annual visit to continue the study of Burry Inlet Oystercatchers.
With equipment provided by Steve Dodd and the SCAN Wader Group. We were not disappointed with a 221 bird catch today, slightly earlier than high tide.
With a good catch like this, one team to ring and one team to process -
The processing team with -
 Rachel measuring wing length and moult scoring, C J (Chris) measuring head to bill tip and bill depth, Charlie weighing each bird and Graham recording the detail.
Of the 221 bird catch - 198 new and 23 retraps from previous years, one a likely control from North Wales.
Due to great positioning of the nets (recces by Graham on Friday), only one of three nets was used..
The photo below shows the  roost site with the two nets in position that were not used.

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