Thursday, 25 April 2013

First Dipper Pulli.....and American Woodcock

The pulli ringing season is underway with 3 Dippers on the Nevern to start.

Good to see that the bridge was well designed when it was rebuilt in 2005 with ledges perfect for Dipper nests.
 In conjunction with ringing pulli, we are planning to do more nest monitoring this year for the BTO Nest Record Scheme.

Meanwhile in Canada, at Long Point Bird Observatory, Richard was thrilled to ring an American Woodcock to compare with ours. It was much smaller, weighing 132g with a wing of 126mm. No doubt about the identification if we ever came across one of those when out lamping here!
With 50kph wind yesterday, there was no chance to open mist nets at the tip but they managed to ring 130 birds caught in traps including 88 Northern Cardinals! With very powerful bills that would have meant extremely battered hands by the end of the day.

Spring has not arrived in Southern Ontario yet so the big passage of warblers is eagerly awaited. Until it warms up, Sparrows, Cowbirds and Towees make up the majority of other birds banded.

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