Wednesday, 22 May 2013

102 Sedge Warblers and latest from Long Point

In the last week we have ringed 102 Sedge Warblers. 101 on the Teifi Marsh and this one turned up in CJ's garden!
Also a French control and 2 British controls.
And one returning to the marsh from 2011.
83 were caught last Thursday when we did CES2, our constant effort monitoring for the BTO. That day we caught 127 birds with a good variety including Whitethroats, Garden Warblers, Blackcaps, Reed Warblers, Reed Buntings a Jay and only one Blue Tit. Of the retraps, some were returning Reed Warblers from the previous  4 years and a Cetti's Warbler ringed in 2009.
Last Sunday and today we had short ringing sessions over the other side of the reserve by Mallard hide. Being on a popular public path we have had some good interaction with passers by and enjoy them stopping for a chat.

Nets box monitoring is continuing in Ffynone and Pengelli - hatching of the Pied Flycatcher eggs is awaited but 2 Blackbird nests have been predated.

Latest news from Richard at the Breakwater station, Long Point Bird Observatory, Canada - highlights of his week have included a Bobolink (good to see him advertising Teifi Ringing Group on his hoodie!)

 Prairie Warbler
Female Hooded Warbler
a Blackpoll Warbler
 And to be topical, as one has been seen this week in Anglesey, a male Indigo Bunting

He is now back at the tip for one more week and with only limited communication from there, more pictures will follow on his return.

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