Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sedge Warbler - juveniles and numbers

Juvenile Sedge Warbler. (Photo Dawn J)

With four days of August over already we are now into our continuing study of acro movements through our west Wales site, with 47 new Sedge Warblers ringed in the first four days a good year maybe ?
This follows 64 caught in July compared to last year's poor total of 24 in the month.
July 2011 was a good year with 151 Sedge Warblers ringed.

The net positions and lengths have increased this year, and the weather likely to be move favourable than last year when only 106 were ringed in August.
In Aug 2011 - 323 were ringed, and in 2010 - 265 were ringed.

More on recoveries and Reed Warbler numbers soon, but one retrap this year is rather nice,

Sedge Warbler L250110, we retrapped on the 1st August. 
He was ringed on the 15th May 2010 - a returning adult and part of a major movement that early May when we ringed 183 Sedge Warblers with the CES nets only.

L250110 is at least in his 4th year and he becomes our oldest known Sedge Warbler...and this is the first recapture of him !

See the link in the post below for more on our acro study.


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