Saturday, 16 November 2013

Boa before Black-throated Trogon

530am - Another Boa found by a Alfredo and Alberto, our night-time naturalist security guards. We were just about to catch our boat to Tortuga Lodge, but this six foot Boa delayed us.
The legs were going to the beach -  surveying Green Turtle nests......!
With numbers of migrants well down now, our attention is back to the study of resident birds. We start with this wing moult....
Yes, the wing belongs to a wren....a Stripe-breasted Wren. Not a familiar moult pattern, but an example of the symmetrical and sometimes asymmetrical moult patterns that resident birds have here.
The star bird of the day appeared to have replaced one central tail feather. Presumably through accidental loss ?
Does the green on the outer edge of this newly replaced central tail feather indicate this is a young male..?

This is the bird, a juvenile Black-throated Trogon ......the bird of our day.
A wet morning with heavy tropical downpours, and since our last visit three net rides lost to fallen trees.
This is net ride 13. When a tree falls here, others come down too, creating a great hole in the canopy through which sunlight or rain pours down...often at the same time !
The recent rains have filled the forest floor with lizards and poisonous Strawberry Poison-dart Frogs....        
Hundreds of frogs and lizards leaping about as the water rose. If the rains continue, and net rides continue to disappear, this maybe my last visit to Tortuga Lodge.....
..........Until next year.......

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