Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A first !...and golden-winged finale in Costa Rica

Our final week...
The first Golden-wnged Warbler to be recaptured in Costa Rica. We caught this adult male on the 4th December at Lake, Madre Selva Banding Station in the Highlands.
 The bird was ringed as an adult male on 14 February 2012 at the same site - (20 months previous). A lovely recapture as only 1-3 GWWA are caught each year. This joins the five Prothonatory Warblers and two Northern Waterthrushes we have captured as returning  migrants faithful to their wintering sites
Quality residents too -
Two adult female Black and Yellow Silky Flycatchers caught on consecutive days at two different sites.
Tanagers - c40 species are found in Costa Rica. This stunning adult male Summer Tanager in the adjacent net !
 A species of tanager seen but never caught finally obliged...Spangle-cheeked Tanager.
 Three together a delight....but still didn't help the ageing !
This adult male Flame-colored Tanager, the only species we could attract to a garden net..
Night-time effort, an mp3, a well placed net and  more history...the second of the two Dusky Nightjars caught
  It is likely that these are the only two ever caught and ringed, this a probable juvenile male.

I'm writing this in San Jose, a flight to Madrid tomorrow.
Nearly three months in Costa Rica,......1939 birds captured of 120 species.
Migrants - large numbers of Catharus thrushes...to individuals of rarer warbler species.
Residents - smaller numbers and lots to be learned...
All ringing took place at standard sites, almost always with a two person team.
My thanks to all involved, in particular - Wendy with me for the first two months, and Ivan de la Hera these final six weeks.

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  1. Wow, what a brilliant experience to ring in such an exotic location and the birds are truly beautiful.

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    Competitively priced mist nets - check out website for details. Please circulate to your 'C' and 'A' permit holders.


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