Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mallard in the Mist - again and again

The Mallard Pool in the mist.
The picture taken about a week ago ....and a similar view this morning !
We have done a few sessions in the Mallard reed bed since that photo, with nice early acro. season success.
Retrappping adult Reed Warblers - for our RAS project. Also ringing the early juvenile Reed and Sedge Warblers before the passage birds arrive, and the first adult Sedge Warblers starting to move.

 This morning Chris was catching at the Cuckoo and Pentwd nets, extensions to the original Mallard rides that he's been expanding since joining our group.
A great morning for acros !

Of the 21 new REEWA, 2 were 4s, the rest 3s
Of the 4 retrapped REEWA, 3 were 4's, 1 was a 3

Of the 7 new SEDWA, all were 3s
Of the 5 retrapped SEDWA, 1 was a 4, the rest 3s

The season is shaping up to be a good one after a quiet couple of years.
In July 2012 & 2013 -- 38 & 41 new Reed Warblers were ringed.
Back in July 2011 -- 159 new Reed Warblers were ringed.

The sun does shine....
Here a view from the end of the "Charlie's" two shelf  ride looking across the Mallard Pond to the "Aquatic" ride - which has of course caught Aquatic Warbler ! (five have been ringed on the marsh)

The reverse view - from "Aquatic" a (60' full height net positioned at 90 degrees to two more 60' full height nets) looking across to "Charlies" net.

More from the Mallard rides soon, but CES this weekend......

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