Sunday, 30 November 2014

Marsh in the day, sheep fields at night..

The Teifi Marshes continue to bring surprises. Until this year we haven't used our nets on the Ceredigion side of the marsh in winter. The number of Meadow Pipits over that side has been unexpected.
Interestingly all those ringed recently have unmoulted Greater and  Median Coverts and Tertials unlike those we caught at Mwnt on passage earlier in the autumn. This is thought to be indicative of birds from Northern populations (Svensson)
Other species increasing in number are Blackbirds with longer wings and heavier than our local breeders. This time last year we were catching an unusually high number of Lesser Redpoll but none have even been seen yet.
At night we have been walking the sheep fields but still very few Woodcock around unlike in mid Wales where they seem to be back in large numbers.
First Snipe of the winter was ringed on thursday night
and another Woodcock, one of only three seen
Hopefully some more will arrive with the next phase of the moon and with it getting colder in Russia.

The Starling roost on the Teifi Marsh is still huge and spectacular so we will be out again during the week to ring some more.

Mostly the Starlings are dropping into the Kingfisher hide reedbed but some area also gathering noisily pre-roost in the trees behind the visitor centre.
Well worth a visit to watch them.

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