Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Woodc....three winters missing....?

Or a site faithful migrant ??

EX37984 was ringed on Frenni Fawr during a blustery night, the 1st November 2011.
Retrapped last night, between gusts of wind again on Y Frenni.
As one of our standard Woodcock monitoring sites we visit the site approx 4-6 times per month during the winter nights...November to March, and usually an April visit to find late migrant thrushes.

Where has EX37984 been ?
Have we missed him on so many visits, I doubt that, or is he purely a passage bird wintering further southwest.......

Back in 2011 we were just starting to GPS the location of all ringed Woodcock, a pity that we haven't the exact location for EX37984......I guess that both captures were in the same field.

Earlier this week, in the same field, we retrapped a bird that we had only ringed 2 weeks ago. The map shows how close the recapture was to the position when first caught....
As EY81436 shows, this is another example of amazing site faithfulness to the field, regardless of Foxes, Badgers etc..

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