Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Migrants at home...Long Point BO Canada next...

Swallows over the fields, Blackcaps singing....What will the Teifi Marshes deliver this evening ?
An Iceland Gull found by Arfon, to start the Spring evening off !
250 alba Wagtails around the Mallard Pond to roost..

.....Off to Long Point Bird Obs. later tonight with Mick Townsend from Stanford Ringing Group for the migration monitoring season. During our 6 week stay what goodies will arrive...

An early visitor in 2012 -- this WOW !! A Fork-tailed Flycatcher on our first day at the Tip. !!

Another early spring gem this Evening Grosbeak, making the later much more common Rose-breasted Grosbeaks look small and timid !!
Yellow-breasted Chats are pouring through Mexico, a scare migrant this far north - usually later in the season.
 A strikingly marked overshoot to Long Point.
 Yellow-throated Warbler and an almost annual for us here...and one was a lovely find for Wendy and I on our first banding visit to Costa Rica in 2012.

Brown and stripes.............!!
Almost feeling like the Teifi Marshes and home ! Probably as beautiful as an Aquatic, and probably as rare at Long Point. This a Worm-eating Warbler, and fantastic to have caught these in Costa Rica too..

Back to the Teifi.... 

With two others of the group off to Crete this weekend the blog might not be updated as often as usual in the next 2 weeks but back to normal soon. Exciting weeks ahead with the start of CES again, return of our reed bed regulars, Wagtail roosts and hopefully some more Wheatears at Mwnt.

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