Tuesday 12 April 2016

Finches, Finches and movements.....of Finches

Linnets today, and our best ever day total by far..
Back in 2011 we caught nine at Mwnt during April in two-shelf nets....today thirteen!

Foel y Mwnt in the background.

After weeks of seeding and recces we used a Whoosh net. Chris demonstrated the effectiveness of this capture method to members of the group unfamiliar with Whoosh nets.

Postioning the trap at Mwnt today.

Back to the gardens and Wendy has caught the first Lesser Redpolls of the year including this control. The group has caught less than 100 Redpolls

Our catches our roughly divided into spring passage birds being caught at Wendy's and mine in Spring, and Autumn passage through the Teifi Marshes.

We now have 1500 Siskin captures and the control below is one of the longer movements.
D696822 an adult male, was ringed in Northumberland in March 2014, and contolled in Boncath, Pembs in March 2016. I guess this year late returning north, and not our first control between the two sites.

Greenfinch TT2953 is an intra county control. Ringed in November 2015 in the farmland of mid-Pembs, and captured across the Preseli Hills in Boncath this March.....

The Goldfinch, D608887 was ringed in Charlie Sargents garden in mid Carmarthenshire during March 2014. Caught in Boncath in March 2016, and perhaps a passage bird or just a local wanderer..

2 Siskins have also moved between our gardens and Charlies.

Finally.....not a Finch !!

Sand Martin....D350951  - yes the only bird we caught on the 28th March - last month.
This Sand Martin was ringed, presumably on passage, at Icklesham on 10th September 2013
All maps and photos ...Wendy
 An interesting morning ahead, we have a production company filming us ringing tomorrow !!

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