Thursday, 7 July 2016

CES 7....a yearly comparison,

On July 7th 2013 I wrote...."CES 7 this year compared to last year.   45 new birds this year..31 last year.  18 retraps this year..28 last year
Only one piece of data, but supports the better breeding season this year following a poor breeding last year producing fewer birds to recapture. 14 new Chiffchaffs and 7 Reed Warbler recaptures too..."

This year during CES 7 we captured  52 new birds and only 13 retraps. A surprisingly  low proportion of retraps. The Totals of  CES 7 for 2010-2016 are at the end of the post.

We recaptured a male Redstart ringed during CES 5. Back in 2013 Redstart was a not a species that we caught annually, we now appear to have Redstarts breeding more locally. The photo is of a juvenile taken caught during CES 7 last year. Perhaps a trend shown in the latest BTO Breeding Bird Survey report just published.

The most numerous species caught was Chiffchaff, 15 new and 2 retrap.

Reed Warblers have always been a feature of our CES, 7 new and 4 retraps this session.
We have a RAS site nearby for Reed Warblers, but we are interested in the Reed Warbler data provided by CES too. This season we have caught over 132 Reed Warblers, nearly all adults so far. I have a feeling that the 49+ new adults is unusual for to do !

Two of our trainees Dai and Dean had the chance to learn how to fit colour-rings on Reed Buntings, another species we are studying, and attempting a RAS project. Two adults and a juvenile were caught.

A good proportion of our Reed Bunting recapture records are from photographers. Many thanks particularly to Tommy and Colin. Great to add a bit of Citizen Science to a visit to the Teifi Marshes Reserve.

Three new juvenile Treecreepers were the other highlight of this CES visit.

TOTALS for CES 7   New      Retrap
2010     45   23
2013 4518
2015 6815

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