Friday, 4 August 2017

Faithful to the Irish Sea - a stormie

We wrote on  the 12th July 2012...

Mwnt is now established as our migration ringing site for  Northern and "Greenland" Wheatears, but last night the target was Storm Petrels to start providing more information about the birds in this part of the Irish Sea. It would be interesting to establish if these are passage birds, or are they on feeding trips from their breeding colonies on the Pembrokeshire Islands.

Well, we are no further in answering the question...

Caught in the first month of Storm Petrel ringing at Mwnt one of our birds shows interesting movements around the Irish Sea. A likely faithfulness to this area of sea......and surely could be a breeding bird by 2017.

If a breeding bird on feeding trips, where is it from....
Here is an up to date summary provided by staff as appropriate to each "local" colony. (exc Eire)
The figures are for AOS - adults on site.

Pembrokeshire colonies;-
Skokholm 2000+  - the largest colony.
Skomer 220
Bishops and Clerks...163

Bardsey .....175 pairs
IOM ....20 pairs - ? (not from island staff)

We have captured 38 new Stormies this year, and with 2 retraps we hope to add to the picture..
Tracking of birds would assist, and we are aware of the difficulties in tracking Storm Petrels.

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