Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Redwing to Italy - better late than never

This recovery has only just been received by us - 7 years later !

Redwing  RF90948 was ringed on 19-Feb-2012  at our upland site Frenni Fawr, Crymych, Pembrokeshire.
Finding date: 15-Nov-2012 at Mallevisina, Mezzane Di Sotto, Verona, Italy
The Redwing was freshly dead - had been shot within a week.
Duration: 270 days Distance: 1360 km 

In 2012 we only ringed 12 birds on Frenni Fawr and only the one Redwing, a species we rarely find roosting at night up there.

The map shows the ringing and finding sites of the Redwing and the Woodcock - details below.

Woodcock  EZ73635 was ringed on  13-Nov-2018 at Boncath, Pembrokeshire
Finding date: 27-Jan-2019 at  Tredion, Morbihan, France
Again a freshly dead - had been shot within a week.
Duration: 75 days Distance: 491 km 

This Siskin shows a typical movement within Wales of one of our Siskins.
Siskin S322465
Ringing date: 10-FEB-2018
Boncath, Pembs
Finding date: 13-AUG-2018
Ceinws, Powys
Duration: 184 days Distance: 89 km

(text Richard  / map and details Wendy)

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