Wednesday, 6 April 2011

MUSEUM PARIS 6051318 ...........!!!

Teifi Marshes;-

A lovely evening, a chance to see what was going on in the marsh. Quiet really, still awaiting the reed-bed warblers. Through the evening the Sand Martin numbers were increasing, with the occassional Swallow heard.
8pm look at the net, c20 birds in the net, mostly Sand Martins, but 3 Swallows.
Following a text, Wendy came along to help process,......Sand Martin number 9 of the catch...didn't require a ring ! Wendy in shock as she read MUSEUM PARIS...
We have only caught 6 Sand Martins in our previous three years, so tonight's catch of 10 new and 1 control is very nice.
I suspect that when we see the original ringing location, that it may well be ringed in Senegal by French expedition ringers.......we will see..

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