Sunday, 10 April 2011

White Wagtails

Teifi Marshes;-
A different sort of success this evening, compared to catching 18 White Wagtails last night. Only 2 "wagtails"caught but up to 200 attempting to roost. Our local male Sparrowhawk came for his usual evening meal and the roost formed elsewhere.

The two we caught shown together, both 2nd calendar year birds, aged on various unmoulted juvenile feathers, eg showing contrast amongst the greater coverts, and the noticable old and faded juvenile secondaries and primaries. The Pied being not a very black mantled bird.
Two in the hand id features show, the Pied with the black rump, the White with the grey rump.
The median coverts on the Pied being white, and on the White Wagtail being grey.

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