Monday, 6 February 2012

From Martial Eagle to the Royal Mile

Impossible to summarise 3 weeks stunning ringing in Uganda with 748 birds trapped of 149 species so raptors to start.....

The only Martial Eagle we caught with a weight of 3.6kg and foot to toe measurement of 154mm was the mightiest bird we have ever handled.
Smaller but no less impressive here is the upper wing of one of three Western Banded Snake Eagles ringed with some fascinating moult scoring. One of the challenges of ringing in Uganda was to moult score every bird we caught as little literature exists on this subject.

From the pleasures of handling eagles and buzzards (3 Long-crested Eagles and 8 Grasshopper Buzzards) to the blooded challenge of falcons and hawks. Each of 4 Grey Kestrels caught inflicted damage!This Red-necked Falcon caused excitement at the mist net at dusk, a species that Malcolm had never ringed before.
A couple of Shikra and African Goshawk completed the raptors caught.

Next on to The Royal Mile, one of the richest birding sites in Uganda where neck-aching canopy and forest floor birding accompanied our 5 days of introducing 6 students to ringing.
More on what Richard was up to here in a couple of evenings as it's too bright to go dazzling for Woodcock at the moment!!

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  1. Martial Eagle!!! Holy s***!! Great photos, amazing birds. Green with envy but looking forward to seeing more in future posts so keep "em coming. Bet that made a bit of a change from woodcock!!


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