Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Magic Garden

An unbeatable view of Lake Victoria from the ringing table!
We were privileged to spend some time at the beginning and end of our journey at this special garden warmly welcomed by Roger and Kathy.

Not many gardens can boast thirteen species of sunbirds like this Collared Sunbird
and Green-headed Sunbirds.
Not just small birds either - African and Eurasian Hobbies were overhead with numerous Black Kites. Both Shikra and African Goshawk were caught.
Splendid Glossy Starlings were coming to the bird bath but were far more challenging to catch.
but we did!Although we caught lots of colourful birds like this Brown Twinspot
even more fascinating was finding out that a recaptured Reed Warbler was ringed in the same garden in January 2011. The oldest retrap though was a Dark-capped Bulbul which Malcolm ringed in the garden in October 1997. Over 14 years old!
Reluctantly we came to the end of our trip but not without a couple of nets being put up in another garden on the way to the airport.
The poles being unloaded for the last time ......until next year??
This Woodland Kingfisher was nearly our last bird ringed but was not interested in the mealworm on our springtrap. We could have waited a bit longer but Richard had to pack the springtraps in his luggage clean and tidy for the benefit of customs!

If our recent postings from this three week ringing and birding expedition into the heart of Uganda has excited you then contact Malcolm Wilson ( about future trips. Also have a look at his blog, African Affinity, for trip reports.

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