Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Four Woodcock wonders....!!

Wendy and I caught this beauty tonight, showing the characteristic ageing of an adult, with whitish tips to the primary coverts and very flat tips to the inner primaries. This, the third winter that we have caught this bird in the same pasture field on the same farm at our Boncath site !
Last night up on the Frenni with Bethan, two more retraps and three new birds. The first retrap we ringed on this same site 14th Feb 2012. The second retrap had been ringed on the Frenni by Paddy on 14th January 2012 whilst we were in Uganda ! What a Pembs team effort !
Our fourth wonder to come to light today...... ringed as a first winter on the Frenni by Paddy on 10th November 2010 but was shot on the Stackpole Estate in South  Pembs on 17th January 2013, an interesting movement and change in wintering area.....

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