Monday, 4 February 2013

Woodcock to Woodpeckers via Siskins

Last night out on the slopes of Frenni with Bethan, her first night out with the lamp and what a start !
First bird under the net a Skylark, a few winter up here, but infrequently caught.
Then 2 woodcock, both juveniles, mostly adults so a great start to a week of decreasing moon.
In the garden last week with one twenty foot net.......a novelty for me and in short pre-work sessions too....but amongst 25 Siskins we had one nice control, and four Great Spotted Woodpecker. Three females and one male who together did less damage to the hands than this female in Costa Rica...
 Hairy Woodpecker was a nice surprise to band in Costa Rica too...
 Back to the hills..............

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