Monday, 19 October 2015

Hmmm....those legs

Rough-legged Tyrannulet

A small bright Tyrannulet flycatcher ?? ...I first thought a bright Paltry, but just too bright and a glaring red eye. After consulting the books, the bird fitted the description for Rough-legged Tyrannulet and don't those legs just confirm it !

We band at three sites at our Highlands station, two of these have homes which add to the experience. At our HOME site Blue and White Swallows roost, and presumably nest in the roof cavity. With a little effort four swallows were caught this visit.

 Two adults and two juveniles, the adults in moult, and great that one was a retrap from a previous visit. Not last year as I failed to ring any...!! Both the photos are of juveniles, the wing below being amazingly worn.

At our CRBO site, this is where we stay, we do decorate the surronding wood-piles with sliced Plantains, the only food that attracts birds.

 We do manage to catch a few birds in a  two shelf net here,  usually one or two Flame-colored Tanagers, above an adult female. Today we managed our first House Wren in this "garden net" and our umpteenth Wilson's Warbler.....!!

 As you can imagine in this climate, we get a good number of insects in the nets. This a rather shiny 3cm beetle....
We leave our Madre Selva Highland sites tomorrow morning, and Wendy leaves Costa Rica on Wednesday for home....I am sure she will have more stories of fun and excitement to tell.......

I band at INBio with my new banding buddy...Julia from Colombia. Then off to the Caribbean coast again- better brush up on my Spanish !!!

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