Saturday, 3 October 2015

Hooded, Kentucky...and forest creatures

Warblers are here.....

This juvenile female Hooded Warbler is our 3rd in four Fall seasons, and our first away from our Cano Palma site, Kentucky Warblers are far more numerous and maybe a winter resident ?

A change in the wind and some rain this evening, we are hoping - and expecting an upsurge in variety and numbers in the morning...

Our first Swainson's Thrushes this morning - with 7 captures. More no doubt tomorrow

This adult female Green-breasted Mango. The first that we have captured at a Tortuguero site.

Yesterday, our first visit of the season to Cano Palma  and we were greeted with enthusiasm by the team based here, another multi-national.... and multi-lingual challenge !

This Chestnut-backed Antbird ---the best, and barely out the nest.

Immediately banded and released, the adult male a retrap was captured too.

 This Streak-headed Woodcreeper, is the lowland relative to the commoner Spot-crowned Woodcreeper that we find in the Highlands..

Cano of our best sites for frogs...
But at our Aero site this morning there were many lizards including this one with a blue tail that we still have to identify.

This rather large bodied stunning moth was also at our Aero - secondary forest site today

Hmmm....what species?

Many thanks to Bea fom Chile- our latest  banding assistant and photographer.

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