Monday, 2 May 2016

120 Sedge Warblers -- what a start to Spring

Early days this Spring in the Mallard area of the reed bed on the Teifi Marshes Reserve...our home !!
We have now caught 114 new Sedge Warblers...and a massive start. We have only caught 66 during April in the last 7 years, though we can catch c200 each May.

We have also captured 3 French, 1 Belgian and 2 UK controls this April.
So far none or our previous years birds have been captured. Reed Warblers are slow to arrive with just 2 captures, 1 a new bird and 1 retrap from 2014, also retrapped last May. One recent Spring, the first 10 Reed Warblers captured were all recaptures of "our birds" of previous years.

Gower Ringing Group have captured one of our 2011 Reed Warblers - though perhaps should be considered theirs....Oxwich Marsh 30th April 2016: Return of the Reed Warblers

A view from the front of Mallard pond towards net Aqua 1
.....which has of course caught Aquatic Warbler ...!!!

No chance of opening the nets this morning in a strong south westerly but weather looks better for our first CES tomorrow. 12 conservation students from Writtle College in Essex will be joining us.

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