Thursday, 5 May 2016

More exciting than Irish Sedge Warbler

We have been wondering where all our Sedge Warblers go.
The breeding bird atlases show a high breeding density of Sedge Warblers in the bogs of central Ireland and we have been wondering......

(Photo by Dean, a new member of the Group)

We have several recoveries of birds migrating south...or returning north. These mainly involve movements to the west coast of France and to the marshes of Spain..
.....and with a bird to Senegal.

This Spring, our first recovery of a bird originally ringed in Ireland and now on its Spring migration back across the Irish Sea we presume.  X720412 was ringed as an adult in June 2015 on Great Saltee Island, Wexford. It was retrapped by us this week on the Teifi Marsh.

Other UK and controls of Sedge Warblers this Spring, (this week !!) now number 1 Belgian, 7 French (Museum Paris on the ring)

and four ringed elsewhere in the UK. One we caught on the Teifi Marsh last weekend was ringed by Steve Dodds on Cors Ddyga, Anglesey as a juvenile on its autumn migration in August 2014.

Reed Warblers are now returning. We retrapped three of our returning adults today, hopefully a few more in the morning. Our Reed Warbler RAS project is underway for a further season.
(RAS- Retrap Adults for Survival)

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