Sunday, 12 August 2012

16th and 18th August 2010.... !!

Also one on the 4th and two on the 19th August 1995 !
No surprise for guessing -- dates of Aquatic Warblers caught and ringed on Teifi Marshes !!
This juvenile in 2010 was the first of this millennium.. and hopefully not the last -  but not one this August yet !

Through August we are trying to follow the Aquatic Warbler UK study protocol forwarded to us by Mark Grantham, and congratulations to Mark's team at Marazion with an Aquatic Warbler this morning  -- and for Martin at Portland too.
Our Aquatic Warblers come with peak Sedge Warbler movements, but with our current Sedge Warbler catches...compared with the last two years;-
August 2012 to date .......35 new birds ringed
August 2011................ 372
August 2010.................306
I'm not sure we are that hopeful ?..........But we are trying with daily early morning ringing - weather permitting.
Our latest new ride, (Cuckoo 3) cut last night, runs alongside a small river not cut for Aquatic Warblers, but to bring flowing water and reed edge Sallow into the ringing habitat monitored.
A juvenile Swallow christened the net this morning coming out of the nearby roost, and a juvenile Kingfisher yesterday caught in an adjacent net is the highlight of the week-end's ringing so far....

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