Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A hungry Hobby helps.........

The weather has postponed the current CES until Thursday we hope ?
Whilst waiting for an improvement in the weather - busy we are !!

Last night on time at 20:45 an immature Hobby came on his regular hunt into the Swallows...above the Mallard net runs...No catch this evening for him ? But he certainly concentrated the pre-roost gathering and helped us catch 40 new Swallows, five of which were adults.
To acros next, 10 this morning before 6:30 am, c50 on Saturday and Sunday.....
and still no Aquatic found ....... !
Three new Storm Petrels on Sunday night - a rare night for us with no controls or retraps...
Tomorrow Wendy and  I are off to the islands, Skomer  I think, though we are attending a Skokholm Bird Observatory steering group meeting......more news on this exciting project soon..

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