Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"Stormie ....83"

Last night a visit to Mwnt in a break between the wind.
The photo above shows the net in position on the northwest facing slope of the headland, with Cardigan Island in the background.

Only 2 Storm Petrels last night, both caught early,...and with a fisherman on a ledge below the net.
With no known breeding birds between Bardsey and the Pembs Islands, we presume the stormies we catch are just passing whilst feeding in the Irish Sea ?
We are not aware of any petrels ringed in Ceredigion with 15 new birds trapped, and 2 controls to date we are delighted with our efforts !
Last night no different - with Wendy extracting - and her call of another control  I was delighted - but  NO ! On checking the ring we find it is a retrap , 2661483. We ringed it on the 24th July 2012, c3 weeks ago.
Is it regular to find a non-breeding Storm Petrel  remaining or repeatedly passing through our inshore waters .........?

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