Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ton up CES...... and lovely retraps

On Tuesday 18th we carried out CES 5. Wendy, Chris and I were joined by Tansy for her first CES with us and Alan from the Ceredigion Bird Group. Juvenile Blue Tits and Robins, both into double figures were the highlights of the 60 new birds caught...

Of the 40 recaptures the 10 Reed Warblers proved the most interesting !
X220186 was ringed as an adult on the 12th April 2009, and has been retrapped (a male) in every year since !
L250930 was ringed as an adult on the 1st August 2010 and has not been retrapped until this session, again a breeding male.
Y206205 was a juvenile in 2011, wasn't caught last year but has returned this year.

The last bird of the session was a nice adult male Chaffinch.
He was ringed when a juvenile male on the 15th August 2008, has been retrapped once in each Spring since until last year, when not caught...... We welcome him back..!

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