Sunday, 16 June 2013

X769535 - A grand lady of our marsh

On Saturday Wendy and I were joined by Stuart from the Ceredigion Bird Group, this was a rain affected ringing demonstration but we did open one net to aid the discussion of mist-netting, ringing and the work of the BTO.
Saturday was the first time that we have trapped X769535 this year, with a brood patch score three.
Reed Warbler X769535 was first ringed on 10/05/2009, subsequently caught with a brood patch on the 12/07/2009.
 This female was ringed in our first year of CES and has the enviable record of being recorded in every year of CES, 15/05/2010, 01/05/2011,19/06/2011, 15/07/2012.
With a brood patch present in every year except 2010, when we probably didn't catch her whilst breeding.
She was was ringed as an adult in 2009, therefore her 5th year of breeding with us - at least !!
What a grand lady of our reed-bed !

Other weekend activities, another brood of Pied Flycatcher ringed in Pengelli.
  Broods also of Great Tit and House Sparrow, as well 3J juveniles in various gardens.

A walk at our coastal migrant site of Mwnt, produced views of ringed Meadow Pipit and Rock Pipit...our birds we guess.......but it would be nice to find out ... and perhaps we will shortly !!

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