Thursday, 13 June 2013

Woodcock shot in Russia

Some interesting news from the BTO today.
An adult Woodcock ringed by us in January this year at our Boncath site on the lower slopes of Frenni Fawr was shot in Russia in April, 86 days later.
The location that it as shot was in the Kirishi are of  the Leningrad region, 2,430 km from West Wales.
Our Boncath birds aren't doing too well on migration - it was a bird from this farm that was taken by a predatory bird in Southern Norway last November!

Also, news of the ringing details of a a Siskin controlled in my garden this March. It was ringed as a 4 in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway,  by the North Solway Ringing Group in March 2012. This will be a small piece in the jigsaw of Siskin movement as many ringers have reported catching controls this year.
The latest issue of  BTO news reports that garden use by Siskins peaked in the second week of April at just under 40% of Garden Birdwatch gardens, the second highest value reported in 15 years of Garden Bird Watch recording. Our unprecedented figure of 383 Siskins ringed by the group this year fits the pattern of increasing numbers noted across the gardens of Britain and Ireland.
Good news of breeding success of our local Siskins - Richard ringed a few juvenile Siskins in his garden last week.

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