Friday, 18 October 2013

Ant-shrike to Coatimundi..

Another visit to Parque National Tortuguero, and the non-birds stole the show !
First, this fine adult male Western-slaty Antshrike with interesting moult typical of Neotropical birds. 
This caterpillar was only c30mm long, but when crawling into your data book.......hmmm !
A great find when Wendy went off on a net round....before the 1st net- this Coatimundi hiding around a tree.
 A short while after the Coatimundi, an Anteater up a tree, both were seen within 50m of aour banding station.
Howler Monkeys are the usual above the nets, so today for a change Spider Monkeys paid us some attention.
Our final bird of this session, an  Ovenbird. With only half a dozen of these migrants caught annually as part of this project, it was particularly pleasing to catch this adult in this primary forest location.

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