Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Eight gram Antwrens delight us.....but the Spadebill.....!!

Our 5am boat to Cano Palma, our ringing site for the morning, was greeted as usual by the combination of Short-tailed Nightjars, bats...and the cackle of Green Ibis..
An early net round produced two great migrant warblers, Our 3rd Worm-eating Warbler and our 1st Hooded Warbler.
 With the sight and sound of Great Green Macaws above the nets, Wendy found this little 8.0g gem ....
A female White-flanked Antwren....with flank plumes too...
Soon afterwards, Wendy returned from the nets with an 8.6g wonder.... a golden wonder !
 A male Golden-crowned Spadebill -  a species we are not familiar with.
A bird with a very descriptive name, and part of the Flycatcher family.
 The hat-trick bird next for Wendy ! This 7.6g male White-flanked Antwren, an amazing end to the session.

A morning which also included migrant species including Scarlet and Summer Tanagers, and Kentucky Warbler. The best other resident species a Wedge-billed Woodcreeper.
The photo to finish, a panorama of the scene that we see as we leave Cano Palma Research Staion via the canal back to Tortuguero.

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