Sunday, 6 October 2013

Latest from the jungle, not all birds....

This fine looking 1st winter male Black and White Warbler was a great end to banding in the Cano Palma forest yesterday - our 20th migrant species.

 This the secondary forest at Cano Palma, nets run off the boardwalk and around the research station.


 A habitat where the Strawberry Poison dart frogs thrive, and butterflies astound us with variety !
This butterfly is probably The Blushing Phantom (Cithaerias pireta). Thanks to @DiscoverLifeCR for help with the identification. 

Our commonest caught migrant so far is Swainson's Thrush. This particlular bird our 500th migrant caught this trip
A target resident species yesterday was White-breasted Wood-Wren, not an unusual species in the forest here, and 3 were caught.
 Like most residents at our 5 study sites, a good proportion of retraps, in this case, of the three, one new juvenile and two adults with history......a bit like CES ....hmmm.
Update today !
This adult winter male Scarlet Tanager was banded at STC - a species not banded annually in the lowlands.
Banding at Tortuga Lodge in the morning, back to primary forest and more residents than migrants.

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