Sunday, 21 August 2011

Aquatic free ...but a thank you

Karen, our latest Trainee, overseeing the drying of bird bags !!!
Steve in the photo, the finder of the recent Long-eared Owl, & Woodchat Shrike on the marsh.
Our ringing effort in the Mallard Run has been helped this season by 2 grants for ringing in this area of the reserve. A grant from the Welsh Ornithological Society directed at the Aquatic Warbler. A grant from Cardigan Town Council for our ringing in this area of the reserve where we are very accessible to interested members of the general public.

Alas no Aquatic Warbler ....yet !
Last August we ringed on 18 dates in August, catching 2 Aquatics and 215 Sedge warblers in the process.
To date, this August we have ringed on 24 of the 26 dates, no Aquatic but 281 new Sedge Warblers and 61 new Reed Warblers. A great plus in the Mallard this season has been 15 Grasshopper Warblers.
After our final CES tomorrow,........into Mallard mud again !!

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