Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Y141566 - sedwa.....an owner please?

Back in Mallard mud.....
7 & 8th August 2010, we controlled 4 BTO ringed Sedge Warbler & 1 French ringed Reed Warbler.
2011, 7 & 8th August.. we have controlled just 1, the Sedge -- Y141566, a juvenile bird.
Likely the weather paid it's part, with a much smaller catch, and likely a slower/different passage?
We are beginning to recapture birds as adults that we ringed last August as juveniles- never seen in the breeding season.
Time will tell as we study our breeding population, but nice to think that these are returning faithful passage birds.....
....our studies go on when the weather allows !!.


  1. Hi Teifi Ringing Group

    Sedge Warbler Y141566 was ringed at Saltholme[RSPB]/ Teesside -my CES site- as a '3' on 22/07/2011 Wing 68 mm Mass 11.1 gram. @ 0710 .

    Thanks and well done!

    Best Wishes

    Derek Clayton


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