Friday, 5 August 2011

Sandpiper stories

The week-end is here...
No Green Sandpiper at Mallard he was as at Creek Hide!!
Off to Patch, and this nice adult Ringed Plover, small wader passage has hardly started, no juvenile small waders yet.
We catch a few Common Sandpipers on the Teifi in August, therefore very nice to catch the spotted American cousin. This Spotted Sandpiper was one of the amazing successes at Long Point in May, (see the May postings).
To finish the sandpiper stories, 1st Wood Sandpiper, and what a disappointment for a crazy second,...a control, bearing a Belarus ring.....this was on a Southern Greek island...
I wonder what will the Teifi produce this week-end ??
What will enhance our ringing demonstration and CES?

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